Sorry... Backstage With Liz Is Closed!

"I have been following Liz Tomey for years. I have purchased a lot of her products and never gotten a bad one. Joining Backstage With Liz was the smartest thing I have ever done. Her heart and desire to help and teach her people how to succeed is endless."

David Shoup

"There's no one better than Liz Tomey in your corner... BWL (Backstage With Liz) has been a breath of fresh air. You get a couple decades worth of knowledge, and usable, profitable, resources to boot.

But beyond all that stuff. She' got a massive heart of gold and will practically force you to make money with her frequent encouragement along the way. BWL is the biggest win/win you'll find."

Fredrick Beers

"I'm a member of BWL and have taken several of the courses and used products that Liz provides access - she (of course) gives strategic insights, but in her over the shoulder lessons lets you watch how she takes massive action - all the details are there and I've learned a lot that I have put to good use. Nothing compares to this - the best of everything."

Lee Parratt

"I have learned more in 2 months from Liz than I have in 2 years struggling on my own. Liz quickly brings clarity to what you need to do and in what order. Also tons of support from the community she assembles."

Franco Zampetti